Park & Recreation Area

Use of the gazebo and ball field is on a first-come/first served basis; therefore, to ensure your desired date, please contact Town Hall to be put on the calendar. You may also schedule a time to use the shelters at the park. To ensure that no other activities are happening on the day you want to use them, please call Town Hall to reserve it on the date & time you prefer.

Please note that we have new paperwork in the office for reservation use.Each area (the picnic shelters and the gazebo)  have separate paperwork that must be completed in order to use the equipment. There is also a $100 refundable deposit that is now associated with the rental of any area in Dee's Memorial Park. This deposit will be refunded to the renter should everything be in order and cleaned up on the next business day after an event is held. Residents of Pikeville: $25 for gazebo and $25 for picnic area with $100 trash deposit.

Non-Residents of Pikeville : $35 for gazebo and $35 for picnic area with $100 trash deposit.

To view paperwork, please click here!

Ball field, lighted – $35.00 per evening; automatic cut-off at 11:00pm

Ball field, unlighted – No charge; however, please call Town Hall to reserve field.

All paperwork must be completed and turned into Town Hall for a Usage Letter for the date selected.