Elected Officials

The Town of Pikeville has a mayor-council-administrator form of government comprised of five Commissioners, all of whom are elected at-large, and a mayor who presides over meetings but votes only in the event of a tie. Commissioners serve staggered four-year terms with either three commissioners or two commissioners and the mayor elected at the general election in each odd-numbered year; they are sworn in during the first meeting in December. There are no term limits for commissioners nor for the mayor.

Regular Commission meetings are held the first Monday of every month at 6:00pm in the Pikeville Community Center which is now our new home. Occasional special meetings are scheduled as called.

The Mayor makes Commissioner appointments to departmental committees at the first meeting after each election.

The Commission also makes appointments as needed to the Pikeville Planning Board, whose members serve staggered four-year terms; this Board is comprised of four town residents and a representative of our ETJ (Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction). The Board also appoints representatives to the Regional Planning Organization (RPO), the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), and the Electricities Board of Directors.

Email List

Mayor Garrett Johnston: garrettjohnston@pikevillenc.gov

Commissioner West: stevewest@pikevillenc.gov

Commissioner Hooks: roberthooks@pikevillenc.gov

Commissioner Thomas: mattthomas@pikevillenc.gov




Mayor Johnston


Commissioner West


Commissioner Thomas


Commissioner R. Hooks


Town Attorney

Harry Lorello

The Town Attorney is appointed on a contract basis by the Board of Commissioners to, among other things, prosecute or defend any and all suits or actions at law or equity; see to the full enforcement of all judgments or decrees rendered in favor of the Town; see to the completion of all special assessment or condemnation proceedings; and draft or review ordinances, contracts, leases, or other documents or instruments. 

He attends all meetings of the Board, and provides salient legal counsel on any matters that come before the Board.