Frequently Asked Questions

General Garbage Information

  1. Most areas in town-limits are able to be serviced through our garbage pick up contracted through Waste Industries. If you are moving to a location in town limits and are not sure if you qualify for this service, or want to know what services you are qualified for through the town at that address, please give us a call or fill out a form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  2. Garbage pick up is every Thursday. Recycling pick up is every other Thursday. You can view the 2019 service calendar online on our website or on our Town of Pikeville, NC Facebook page in the photos.
  3. If your garbage/recycling has been missed, please fill out this form and be sure to include your service address as well as a phone number to reach you. We will be in contact with Waste Industries regarding this issue.
  4. If your cans have been moved from where you originally put them Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, please know that our Waste Industries Pick-Up specialist have put them there to show you where they are supposed to be for pick-up. If they are not put there each week after they have been moved, you are likely to be missed. These are Waste Industries' policies, not ours.


Tax Collection

  1. Taxes are not taken at the Town Hall in Pikeville. Pikeville's taxes are collected through the Wayne County Tax office. For more information on your taxes, please call: 919-738-1478.
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