Pikeville Cemetery


Cemetery Fees

The Town of Pikeville Cemetery located on Mt. Carmel Church Rd. currently comprises five acres. A lot comprises four plots; presently, each lot is 16 feet by 8 feet, each plot being 4 feet by 8 feet. Plots/Lots are currently available in Sections 8 and 9 of the Cemetery. Presently the cost for plots/lots are as follows:


1 plot – 1,000.00

2 plots – 2,000.00

3 plots – 3,000.00

4 plots- 4,000.00

5 plots- 5,000.00

6 plots- 6,000.00

7 plots- 7,000.00

8 plots- 8,000.00

9 plots- 9,000.00

10 plots- 10,000.00


1 lot- 4,000.00

2 lots- 8,000.00

3 lots- 12,000.00

4 lots- 16,000.00

5 lots- 20,000.00

6 lots- 24,000.00

7 lots- 28,000.00

8 lots- 32,000.00

9 lots- 36,000.00

10 lots- 40,000.00

       Columbarium niches**

        $400.00 per niche




The cost for Opening/Closing a Gravesite for an Infant Burial is 350.00. An "Infant Burial" is considered the burial of a child not having reached his/her second birthday. or has not reached forty-eight inches in length, whichever occurs first.

** These prices are estimates, and depend on the cost to the Town of the columbaria themselves

A 25% payment is due upon ordering the plot, or a signed waiver from the funeral home. A specific grave site within each lot shall be determined and specified by the immediate family and/or the funeral service. The Town shall NOT at any time specify individual grave locations.

Bulk Lot Purchases on “spec:” Funeral homes, etc. will not be allowed to make bulk purchases in anticipation of future business, and such businesses shall be limited to ten (10) lots per decade; however, single plots may be purchased on an individual basis for recently-deceased clients at the appropriate rates as defined in #2, above.