Utility Rates & Charges

Utility Installation Charges

Notice of Utility Rate Changes

Effective July 1, 2017

  • The Garbage Collection Fee/Rate will be $18.50 per month per customer (residential or commercial.) One solid waste container, and one recycling container is considered ONE SINGLE UNIT and is charged the $18.50 monthly fee. For each additional solid waste container their is an additional $11 per month.
    • The Town of Pikeville does NOT offer two recycling bins.
  • The Water Use Fee will be a flat rate of $27.00 per month (per in-Town residential and or commercial customer) , plus $11.23 per 1,000 gallons used (per out-of-Town residential and or commercial customer).
  • The Sewer Use Fee will be a flat rate of $15.00 per month (per customer in-TOwn or out-of-Town, resident or commercial), plus $15.23 per $1,000 gallons used.
  • The residential customer electric rate (in-Town or out-of-Town) will be a flat rate of $9.25 per month, plus $0.1345 per KWH used per month.
  • The Co-Incident Peak customer electric rate will be a flat rate of $75.00, plus a Co-Incident peak demand fee of $22.89 per CPkw, plus an excess demand fee of $4.00 per excess kw, plus an energy charge of $0.0530 per KWH.

New Installation of Overhead Electric Service – The Town will connect service to the customer’s weatherhead at no charge, provided the weatherhead is within 50 feet of an existing service pole; the customer shall be billed for all cost of installation over 50 feet.
New Installation of Underground Electric Service – The Town will install a pole and service to the customer’s property line at the Town’s expense; the customer shall incur all costs of installing underground service from the weatherhead to the service pole.

New Installation of Yard Light, including pole – The Town will install pole, light, and wiring at a one-time charge of $200.00
New Installation of Yard Light, without pole –The Town will install light and wiring at a one-time charge of $100.00.

Water Connection Tap Fees
¾” Tap Fee –    $300.00
1” Tap Fee  –    $350.00
2” Tap Fee  –    $1,050.00 for the meter only, plus the actual installation expense

Sewer Connection Tap Fees
4” Tap Fee –     $500.00

Other Utility Charges

Requesting a Meter Test: If the meter is found to be bad, there is no charge; otherwise the charges are as follows – 
Testing an Electric Meter – $10.00
Testing a Water Meter     –  $ 5.00

Utility bill late payment penalty: $10.00, if payment is not received by the 15th of the month.
Reconnection fees: Regular Hours – $25.00; we do not make reconnections after 4:30pm, nor on weekends.
Meter Tampering Charge: $500.00 per offense
Sewer Plugs & Caps: Plugs – $5.00; Cleanout plugs and caps: $12.00