Departments & Services

The different departments of the Town of Pikeville work hard to take care of the community. If you have questions related to a particular department, general information may be found on this website. Please take a moment to explore the information provided as it may answer many questions. If you need additional assistance, we welcome you to call or email the department directly and they will happily answer any questions.

Although we are a very small community, we do have the customary operating departments, providing a full-service, town government for our residents:

Town Administration 

Oversees all the paperwork that any organization produces, and responds to a plethora of mandated paperwork from state and federal agencies; manages the annual budgets in our three operating Funds, as well two Fiduciary Funds; manages all personnel paperwork, from payroll to insurances to retirement.

Ensures that the Town is supplied with adequate, safe drinking water; that wastewater is effectively carried away and treated; and that the Town’s electric grid provides a reliable flow of electricity to residents and businesses. All three utilities are offered to out-of town as well as in-town customers.

Public Works Department 
Fire Department 

Provides for roads, grounds, and rights of way maintenance as well as parks and recreation facility upkeep; ensures sanitation services, including garbage collection, recycling services, and yard trash; maintains the Town cemetery.

The Pikeville-Pleasant Grove VFD is a fully-staffed and -equipped regional volunteer fire department. Pikeville town hall does not have fire reports. Please contact the fire department for fire reports, etc.

Police Department 

The local branch of the Wayne County Library is a well-stocked and busy facility, serving hundreds every month.


Conducts law enforcement activities throughout town, to include general patrol, traffic control, crime detection and prevention, and public relations; provides mutual aid to surrounding agencies.