Yard Trash & Semi-Annual Clean Up

Yard Trash and Semi-Annual Pick-Up 

These services are only available to residents who qualify for garbage pick-up in the town’s limits. If you are at an address that does NOT RECEIVE GARBAGE PICK UP,  these services are not offered at your location.



  1. Yard trash is picked up every Tuesday unless there is a weather/sewer emergency.
  2. Yard trash that is collected such as grass clippings and leaves must be in a bag to be collected. Bags must fit into a standard size trash can in order to be picked up. If there are more bags than what can fit into a standard trash can, you must call Town Hall at 919-242-5126 and schedule a special pick up that you may be charged for.
  3. Yard trash does not include any tires, home furnishings, or appliances.
  4. If yard work is contracted out, such as cutting of trees or bushes must be removed by the contractor. Utilities will not be able to pick up this type of yard trash.


Semi-Annual Pick-Up

  1. The Semi-Annual Pick-Up will always be announced via  a utility bill as well as online on our website and our Facebook page.
  2. Items collected during the Semi-Annual should be appliances or home furnishings.
  3. We are not able to pick up carpet or rugs. These items will be left outside should they be put in the pile to be picked up.
  4. We are also not able to take any sort of chemical; paints, bleach, etc.
  5. Tires will also not be picked up during the Semi-Annual.