ElectriCities & Waste Water

The Pikeville Utilities Department provides the Town with electric power service, safe drinking water, and wastewater collection and treatment services. 

ElectriCities is the membership organization that provides power supply and related critical services to over 90 community owned electric systems in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, collectively known as public power.

  • We manage the power supply for two power agencies in North Carolina.
  • We provide services to assist our members in operating their electric distribution systems safely, reliably, and affordably.
  • We provide policy advocacy, communications, and economic development assistance.
  • We consolidate the resources and expertise public power providers need to improve the quality of life for their customers and communities.

Drinking water is purchased in bulk from Wayne County and distributed via the town’s water system. Click here to see the 2022 Clean Water Consumer Confidence Report (CCR); Fremont is included because that town is a backup water supplier.

Wastewater is treated at our secondary treatment plant/retention lagoons, and effluent is spray-irrigated onto several fields.

Utility services are provided to properties within and outside town for both residences and commercial establishments,

We have newly appointed Team Leaders for the Utility Department. Bobby Hunt is now the Streets Team Leader and Jennifer Bray is our Waste Water Treatment Plant Team Leader.