Utility Prices & Add-Ons

Notice of Utility Rate Changes

Effective July 1, 2019


Garbage Collection Fees

Rate Codes: G01, G02, G03, G04

·         G01-$19.50 (1 garbage, 1 recycle)

·         G02-$30.50 (2 garbage, 1 recycle)

·         G03-$41.50 (3 garbage, 1 recycle)

·         G04-$52.50 (4 garbage, 1 recycle)


Water Service Fees

Rate Codes: W01, W02, W05, W06

·         W01- $31.00+$7.52 per 1,000 gallons (Inside Residential)

·         W02-$31.00+$11.23 per 1,000 gallons (Outside Residential)

·         W05-$31.00+$7.52 per 1,000 gallons (Inside Commercial)

·         W06-$31.00+$11.23 per 1,000 gallons (Outside Commercial)


Sewer Service Fees

Rate Codes: S01, S03

·         S01- $31.00+$15.23 per 1,000 gallons (Residential Inside)

·         S03-$31.00+$15.23 per 1,000 gallons (Commercial Inside)


Electric Service Fees

Rate Codes: RS1, RS2, CPR, EDR, KWH, BUS, BU2

·         RS1-$9.36+$0.1361 per kwh (Inside Residential)

·         RS2-$9.36+$0.1361 per kwh (Outside Residential)

·         CPR-$75.90+$23.16 per CPkw+4.05 per excess kw+$0.0536 per kwh

·         BUS-$13.41+$0.1361 per kwh

·         BU2-$13.41+$0.1361 per kwh


Applying for Services in the Town of Pikeville

  1. Before coming to Town Hall, please call to determine if you fall in our service area. Some areas have a Pikeville address; however, we only provide utilities for residents that are in our Town limits.
  2. If you do fall in our utilities jurisdiction, you may download the forms and fill them out at home or come to Town Hall to fill them out. Our application lists all the requirements needed but they are also listed below.
    1. In order to complete your file we need the following items: State-Issued ID, Driver License, deposit in the amount of $200 (home owner) or $400 (renter), deed to home, or rental agreement. We will make a copy of all of this to keep on file.
    2. Deposits are ONLY accepted in the form of money order or check.
  3. Once we have everything on file, a Turn-On will be submitted for the day you would like your utilities on.
  4. Your first bill will typically be higher. We do not enter new residents that apply for services into our billing software until after the 20th of the month due to our billing software. You may have up to a month and a half on your first bill. Please discuss this with the Deputy Town Clerk for more information.
  5. Download the forms here!

Need Help With Your Utility Invoice? Click Here.


  1. If you move from Town and you have not qualified for a Good Pay Deposit, please know your last bill will come out of your deposit.
  2. Please call Town Hall and let us know you are moving! If not, there is a possibility you may incur unnecessary charges!

Electric Service Add-In

New Installation of Overhead Electric Service – The Town will connect service to the customer’s weatherhead at no charge, provided the weatherhead is within 50 feet of an existing service pole; the customer shall be billed for all cost of installation over 50 feet.
New Installation of Underground Electric Service – The Town will install a pole and service to the customer’s property line at the Town’s expense; the customer shall incur all costs of installing underground service from the weatherhead to the service pole.

New Installation of Yard Light, including pole – The Town will install pole, light, and wiring at a one-time charge of $200.00 plus the monthly usage fee.
New Installation of Yard Light, without pole –The Town will install light and wiring at a one-time charge of $175.00 plus the monthly usage fee.

Water Service Add-In

Water Connection Tap Fees
¾” Tap Fee –    $
1” Tap Fee  –    $
2” Tap Fee  –    $  for the meter only, plus the actual installation expense

Sewer Connection Tap Fees
4” Tap Fee –     $

Other Utility Charges

Requesting a Meter Test: If the meter is found to be bad, there is no charge; otherwise the charges are as follows –
Testing an Electric Meter – $10.00
Testing a Water Meter     –  $ 5.00

Utility bill late payment penalty: $25.00, if payment is not received by the 15th of the month.
Reconnection fees: Regular Hours – $50.00; we do not make reconnections after 4:30pm, nor on weekends.
Meter Tampering Charge: $500.00 per offense
Sewer Plugs & Caps: Plugs – $5.00; Cleanout plugs and caps: $12.00