Public Works

The Pikeville Public Works Department provides the town with recreational facility and parks upkeep, the maintenance and repair of town streets, gutters and rights-of-way, and cemetery maintenance.

The department coordinates street maintenance and repair with the NC Department of Transportation and Wayne County Public Works. Garbage collection and disposal services are provided through a contract with a private firm. The Public Works Director manages the town’s public works employees and is responsible for the efficient delivery of these services. The Operations Superintendant coordinates town activities in the event of natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornados, and reports to the Public Works Director.


Capital Improvement Projects

The town has begun a multi-department Capital Improvement Program. In the Public Works Department, the CIP currently consists of long-term streets resurfacing. It is the town's intention to mainly spend annual Powell Bill state street funds of $22,500 over eight years to pay for each year's paving, thereby keeping the Powell Bill Fund Balance generally intact; this program visualizes drawing down only $8,750 from Fund Balance over the life of the program. Please remember though that this is merely a proposed schedule, and some streets may be rearranged for a variety of reasons, such as under-funding of the Powell Bill or accelerated deterioration of another street.

Click here to learn what streets are scheduled for resurfacing each of the next eight years.

Click here to view a map of our streets resurfacing program.



Contact Info

Jeremy King
Public Works Director
105 W. School St


Public Works Department
112 SW Railroad St.
Pikeville, NC 27863