Economic Development

After the creation of a merchants association for Pikeville's business owners many years ago, we are pleased to announce that the PMA is officially in the beginning stages of implementation. We have started contacting and emailing business owners to see what their level of interest is towards perspective meetings and activities the PMA members will be able to use to connect with the residents of Pikeville.

The PMA is essential for economic growth in our town. We would love to be able to attract many more businesses to Pikeville and would like the help of current business owners in doing that.We would also like to make having a business in Pikeville incredibly profitable and comfortable, and we need business owner's input on that as well. If you are interested in joining the PMA (if you have a business currently in Pikeville or will have one by July 1, 2018) please follow this link and fill out our form to be emailed an interest letter. It is essential that we get some feedback so this committee can be formed and installed and the representative of the PMA can start joining in on the town hall meetings.